Italy – Second Symposium Exhibition at PAN, the Arts Palace of Naples

Italy – Second Symposium Exhibition at PAN, the Arts Palace of Naples

IMG_4274 On the All Saints Day, Occhi Aperti (Open Eyes, the lasallian social cooperative of Scampia- Naples) inaugurated the second Symposium Exhibition at PAN, the Arts Palace of Naples.

The Exhibhition was possible thanks to the passionate will of Mrs. Antonella Prota Giurleo, artist and curator, and of Mr. Fabio Pascapè the PAN’s director.

At this exhibhition are shown works by Maria Balzano Barbò, Marisa Cortese, Fabio Cito, Pirjo Heino, Isabel Jover, Katia Juhola, Renuka Kesaramadu, Chen Li, Antonella Prota Giurleo, Antonio Sormani, Anja Mattila Tolvanen, Vittorio Tonon, Tony White and artists’ books by Giuliana Bellini, Giuseppe Cafagna, Monia Di Santo, Ornella Garbin, Katja Juhola, Nadia Magnabosco, Marilde Magni, Antonella Prota Giurleo, Dana Sikorska, Riitta Tarvainen, Vittorio Tonon, Rosanna Veronesi, Tony White.

The works, done during the workshops by children, ordinary people and by the hosts of a mental handicapped community, are exposed with the artists’ works so the visitors can understand how a good educational work could transform people and give to them skills, hopes and dreams.

IMG_4286Scampia is of the ugliest suburb of the city and it was one of the biggest drug market in Europe and it has a very bad reputation; there are many associations who work for its transformation and liberation.

A group of young people who received a photograph training course, led by Fabio Cito, a member of Occhi Aperti, were chosen as official photographer for the Symposium and they could have chance to do similar experience even at the PAN during the year 2014.

One of the Scampia people who was present at the vernissage said: “I’m proud that all the city of Naples could see the wonderful works we do in Scampia and that we are beautiful too!”.

The International Contemporary Art Symposium of Scampia is at its fifth year.

The first week of July different female and male artists came at CasArcobaleno to live, to share their talents, to make their artistic works inspired by their unique experience of Scampia and to run workshops for the local people.. it’s a week of beauty… and we, know God is Love and Beauty.!prettyPhoto


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