Generalate – A Gathering of Religious Brothers in Rome

Generalate – A Gathering of Religious Brothers in Rome

24otto“We are all Brothers.” That was the unifying theme for the afternoon and evening of Saturday 24 October in the FSC Generalate, when 133 religious Brothers of 21 Congregationes came together.

On the occasion of the Year of Consecrated Life, the various Congregations of Brothers in Rome, mostly concerned with teaching, nursing and missionary work, decided to come together to celebrate the Vocation of The Brother.

Brother Robert Schieler welcomed them, and the assembly also enjoyed the presence of four other General Superiors from Congregations of Brothers. The Vice-secretary of the Vatican’s Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life, Mons. Sebastiano Pacciolla, was also present, as was Father David Glenday, Secretary of the Union of General Superiors.

The theme for the meeting were those for the Year of Consecrated Life, namely “Looking to the Past with Gratitude, to the Present with Passion and embracing the Future with Hope”.

A video prepared for the occasion displayed photographs of the many activities carried out by Brothers in various countries and cultural  settings. In small groups, people shared experiences of their vocation, and they then prayed before the relics of  St John Baptist de La Salle in the beautiful chapel of the Generalate.

Although the vocation of Brother is much reduced in numerical terms, it is still more widely spread in global terms, and it remains a necessary reminder of the need for equality in a world that is divided and full of inequality for people in great need.

The general atmosphere of the assembly was one of joy rising from the brotherliness present at each moment in the programme. It gave real expression to the words of the Letter of Pope Francis, “Where there are Religious there is joy”.



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