RELEM – 4th Formation Session for Directors of Lasallian Educational Centres at the Mother House in Rome

RELEM – 4th Formation Session for Directors of Lasallian Educational Centres at the Mother House in Rome

DSC00698_webFrom October 5th to 9th, the 4th Formation Session took place in the Mother House in Rome, organised jointly by RELEM and ASSEDIL (the Association of Directors of Lasallian Educational Institutions) with the participation of around 40 Directors from all the Districts in RELEM. The session enabled the participants to get to know each other, to understand better the Regional and International Lasallian network in all its diversity, to visit the Mother House and, despite the difficulties of language, to discuss the possibility of establishing interchanges between their centres.

Different aspects of the Educational Mission of the Institute were explored both in presentations and through group work during the 5-day session: Lasallian pedagogy, leadership and the educational community, pastoral animation and solidarity.

The location of the session in Rome was appreciated by all since it enabled the participants to meet with those who work in the Mother House: Brother Superior and the members of his Council as well as those responsible for the different services of the Institute, and the Brothers of the Central Community in the House. It also enabled the participants to visit two Colleges run by the District of Rome and to experience the solidarity outreach that these Centres undertake in collaboration with older students and the parents of students.

Finally, the session also allowed the Directors to widen their horizons beyond their own centres and to discuss together Lasallian education of youth today, particularly for those most at risk, in the context of a world in constant evolution with notable religious and educational repercussions. Returning to their own centres, each participant is invited, with their particular educational community, to respond locally in the most appropriate way.

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