Brazil – Celebration of First Vows

Brazil – Celebration of First Vows

Brother Edgar Nicodem, Visitor

On Sunday July 10, /07), in the chapel of Unilasalle, Canoas/RS, Mass was celebrated on the occasion of the Making of First Vows in the District of Brazil-Chile. The Brothers making their vows were Adriano Gomes Bezerra, Alberlan Martins Coelho, André Nawroski and William Mallmann.
The Mass was presided over by the Auxiliary Bishop of Porto Alegre, Mgr Leomar Antonio Brustolin, and it was attended by Brothers, families and friends. Brother Edgard Genuino Nicodem, Visitor and President of the Lasallian Network, welcomed the new Brothers and invited them to Young Brotherslive lives of love and joy in a renewed vision of the charism which the Church as received from St Jean-Baptiste De La Salle.

Brother Edgar also called to mind the two Brothers who had died recently, namely Brothers Martin Weber and Marino Angst.


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