Italy – General Assembly of the Brothers

Italy – General Assembly of the Brothers

“New perspectives for new dynamics”

The issue is not to start from us and our problems, but to look out to discover what we are called to be, to confront the problems in a different way, generating new dynamics“.

Assemblea esterno dialogoA meeting — the General Assembly of the Italian Brothers of the Christian Schools held in Rome July 10 to 16,  after 13 years since its last edition, to wrong-foot more than 100 Brothers present.

The program of the week was articulated around these points:

Listening to God who speaks in the world, with the contributions of Bro. Jorge Gallardo de Alba, General Vicar, who underlined   the need to let the events settle and proceed slowly to understand them; the analysis of the first chapter of the Rule and the presentation of some  tools to internalize it,  “to become aware of our personal reality and what surrounds us; to enlighten it with the Word of God so that this reality becomes a prayer, true friendship with men, applying these reflections in everyday life”;

Creative fidelity to the charisma and the needs of the economy”, edited by Sr. Alessandra Smerilli, who highlighted the need of listening to the signs of the times — in the economy, in spirituality and in our relationships — to be back to tell our stories, to rekindle hearts, to meet wounded people and to share the pains of men and women today, specially the poorest.

In listening to God who speaks in the silence, with the reflections of Father Innocent Cardellini and the Jubilee lived on the afternoon of Wednesday 13 in St. John Lateran;

Finally, listening as a community and discerning the call of God on the situation of the Lasallian Region which includes Europe and the Middle East — 23 countries in 8 Districts and a Delegation. A reflection proposed by Br. Aidan Kilty, General Councillor who invited everyone “to get out of his personal and geographical boundaries, to go beyond any discouragement, accepting the challenges faced by the Lasallian institutions, foregoing the comfort zones, shifting the emphasis from personal needs, knowing that this operation is only possible with a strong contemplative intimacy with God, which makes us witnesses of the Risen.”

Two concrete experiences: “to tap from outside the zeal for our mission” said Br. Henry Muller, one of the organizers: Father Eugenio Brambilla, Barnabite, spoke about “the schools of the second chance” and  highlighted “the need to approach the distress in positive terms, thinking about the periphery as an opportunity and a resource, giving the word to those who did not have it.”

Andrea Monda, a religion teacher, journalist, former Lasallian student, spoke about the greatness and beauty offered by the educational profession, as expressed in these words closing his rich testimony of significant experiences at De Merode of Rome: “To educate is not to occupy spaces but to create processes, in brief, to love.”

Saturday 16, the conclusions: a call to reach out together “outside the camp” with shared directions. Presiding over the last Eucharist was bishop Carballo OFM, Secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.

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