Singapore – Lasallian Leadership Training Camp 2016

Singapore – Lasallian Leadership Training Camp 2016


In the spirit of Faith, Service and Community, two Lasallian schools, St. Joseph’s Institution (SJI) and St. Joseph’s Institution International (SJII) came together for the biannual Lasallian Leadership Training Camp (LLTC). LLTC is a camp to prepare student leaders from our Lasallian secondary schools to lead using the framework of the Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner. This year’s theme was “Step Up and Step Out”.

Our 96 participants journeyed through the various activities which allowed them to work together, step into the shoes of our poor and be inspired by the life of our founder. The entire camp consists of multiple sessions about the Leadership Challenge, what it means to be Lasallian, understanding our Lasallian world and the social realities around us.

Highlights include the significance of Walk The Talk when they take charge to lead the way into the unknown. During the same evening the Organising Team brought La Salle’s story to life through a play. On the second day, they were given time for action to learn about other Lasallian Schools in Singapore through games and intense challenges to push their boundaries and test their patience. On the third day, they went on a Journey with a Dream to lend a hand to the Last, the Lost and the Least in our midst by cleaning or painting their houses for them.

IMG_2039LLTC is an unforgettable experience where we stand in solidarity of the poor, understand our founder’s decision and be inspired by how selfless he was. The friendship forged, the times spent together to Step Up and Step Out of their comfort zones and not forgetting to lead in the spirit of Faith, Service and Community.

As we end our camp, each participant was invested with a collar pin which is a reminder for them to serve before leading. LLTC 16 also saw a big number of people from the Lasallian Youth NetworK (LYNKsters), who went through LLTC in the past, coming back to help out and rekindle the fire.

La Salle’s story lives on in our hearts as he continues to inspire many through his actions. Those who knows his story will keep Passing On the Passion.

Matthew Guan

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