Vietnam – The Final Vows of Brother Joseph Hien

Vietnam – The Final Vows of Brother Joseph Hien

Every year during the third week of June, the District of Vietnam hosts an annual retreat for a special group of Brothers. This annual retreat prepares both Brothers who will be making their final vows and Brothers who will be celebrating their Jubilees.  At the end of the retreat, celebrations for the making final vows and honors of Jubilee Brothers occur on the feast of Saints Peter and Paul.  Through these ceremonies, this year the District recognized eight Jubilee Brothers and one Brother who made final vows.

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Hundreds of Lasallians and guests gathered in La Salle Mai Thon on June 29th 2016 to join in the celebrations honoring the gift of vocation that God grants to the District through these men. On behalf of Brother General Superior, Brother Andrew Thang, the Auxiliary Visitor of the District was present to witness Brother Joseph Hien’s profession of final vows.  After six years of living with Brothers, he consecrated himself entirely to God and to the Institute, in association with all Lasallian Brothers and Partners, to carry out the Lasallian mission.

In a special way, Brother Andrew expressed the District’s gratitude to the eight Jubilee Brothers for their generous involvement in the Lasallian mission.  These men have conducted various educational works and have been involved in a number of different District ministries during their vocational journey as Lasallian Brothers.  They are vibrant witnesses to a meaningful life achieved through consecration to God and life in association with both Lasallian Brothers and Partners. For the past several decades, they have generously educated young people – even in difficult contexts within the District – and are great gifts to the District, especially the young Brothers today.

Brother Andrew also recognized with special thanks Brother Joseph Hien’s family and those accompany him in his vocational journey. They played a vital part in his formation as a Brother, helping him to carry out the Lasallian educational mission of serving the country’s youth, especially those most in need.  Brother Joseph will be a strong ambassador of Christ in spreading the Good News to the Vietnamese people today.

Brother Simon Thien

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