Canada – Inspirational Figures in Catechetics

Canada – Inspirational Figures in Catechetics

The Council for Evangelisation and Christian Life of the Bishops’Conference of Quebec has produced a new document containing six great witnesses of faith who have left their marks on the story of the Church in Quebec as “inspirational figures in catechetics”.

The document is addressed first of all to catechists who have committed themselves to the awakening and developing of faith in people at the different stages of life. It shows how others have gone before us in our history, acting as pioneers and trail blazers who can still inspire us today.

Brother Adolphe Chatillon is included as one of the inspirational figures. We invite you to discover him or to rediscover him.

Happy reading.

– The complete document (Figures inspiratrices)

– For the notice on Brother Adolphe Chatillon see: Adolphe Chatillon

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