Towards the Declaration – CIAMEL First publication

Collection: Towards the Declaration
Nº1 – December 2016



The Digital Journal of Lasallian Research takes pleasure in presenting the first issue of a special collection of publications intended to reflect on the future Declaration on Lasallian Education in the 21st century.

These publications are coordinated by the International Council for Lasallian Association and the Educational Mission (CIAMEL). There are five issues with the last one being the draft of the Declaration that will be the focus of study during the 3rd International Assembly on Lasallian Educational Mission in May 2020.

The publication has been structured in three parts, each one with a presentation and a conclusion.  The first and second parts also contain an epilogue that helps with the reflection. We recommend that you pay particular attention in your reading to the Prologue and the Methodological Proposal.

We invite the International Lasallian Family to formulate and send Notes to enrich the reflection towards the draft of the Declaration.

We hope that it will be a productive reading for all.

Digital Journal of Lasallian Research


The Editor


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