I want to go to your school!

In 2016, we commemorated an event in the world of education, namely the publication of the famous pedagogical text The Conduct of Christian Schools. This text has been reinterpreted for today in terms of the new social, cultural, economic and political contexts, and it is the basis for all the work undertaken by the De La Salle Brothers throughout the world.

Brother Nicolas Capelle of the District of France published a work that contained a collection of stories about activities that reflect wonderfully the commitment that goes far beyond immediate benefits.

The accounts contained in the work testify to an activity of human and religious education with a long tradition based on a renewed interreligious vision which has been constant for 300 years. It is a tradition whch inspires Lasallians in many places to work for a basic education for tomorrow as a commitment that starts from the situation and spirituality of the local people.

In every line, thought and action of the book we see the dedication of Lasallians to a “prophetic reorganisation in education, searching for new horizons and offering a sign of hope for a radical transformation of societies”. Lasallian establishments, schools, teacher training centres and institutes of higher education are places that symbolise a new social, cultural and political understanding in the world.

(Text adapted from the Preface of the book ¡Quiero ir a tu escuela! Written by Dr Rigoberta Menchú, Premio Nóbel de la Paz, Guatemala, July 2006).



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