Lasallians who promote the rights of the child in Latin America– Sharing experiences

Lasallians who promote the rights of the child in Latin America– Sharing experiences

Two videos – one from Peru and one from Argentina – have been produced, and not only do they they show the valuable work being done by Tarpusunchis in Perù and Fundación La Salle in Argentina for children and adolescents who are marginalised socially and educationally, but they also aim to raise financial support for two of their initiatives which have been made priorities for the year 2016-17.

  • The construction and launching of the Secondary Technical School in Malvinas Argentinas, on the outskirts of Cordoba (Argentina).

Through an interview with Gastón Picone – Director of the Fundación La Salle – we learn about the situation in the Malvinas neighbourhood where the Hector Valdivielso School has operated as a driving force for development and improvement in the lives of hundreds of families. Now the primary need of the local community is the creation of a secondary school to offer the possibility of secure employment to the younger generation. For that reason, we have undertaken to collect funds to make this dream come true for the young people of Malvinas.




  • A programme of prevention of abuse and a course of training in safeguarding the rights of children in the schools with problems such as the San Juan de Lurigancho, Pisco, Abancay, Urubamba, Zapallal/Ventanilla (Peru).

According to Rosa Agama – project leader for the volunteer organisation Tarpusunchis – a sad picture is emerging of the vulnerable situation of children in the outskirts of the big towns and cities of Peru. The children are often victims of abuse and abandoned in a web of violent relations and a lack of education, and the school is the only calm protected area for them. Unfortunately, most of the teachers available commit themselves on a volunteer basis and do not have the chance to get training in the right skills to deal with the many problem cases with which they are confronted every day. In fact, it was the teachers and directors of school themselves who approached Tarpusunchis asking for a training programme to prepare them with the right tools and attitudes to face up to the situations of children at risk and to help them promote a prevention culture in schools and in families.

We understood immediately the seriousness of this situation, and we have undertaken to collect funds in support of the training programme and its implementation.

Rosa Agama has already begun working locally with experts from the BICE (the Catholic International Bureau for Children) in order to work out the details of the training programme.



We hope you will feel able to contact us to learn more about and to support these two  important projects!

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