Los Geranios de Huachipa, Chosica-Peru

The rainy season in Peru has seriously affected centres of population that are already in great socio-ecnomical difficulties. We have had natural catastrophes such as landslides and flooding as a result of the heavy rains. This has had a bad effect on agriculture, fishing, housing, roads and services especially the health service for ordinary people.

In the area in question, whole families have been carried off or badly affected by landslides caused by the river Huaycoloro. They have lost their modest houses and almost all of their possessions. These families do not have the socio-economical resources to recover from this tragedy.

It involves 155 individuals: 84 adults and 71 children.

Various initiatives have been put in place to meet this serious situation of urgent humanitarian need, and for the first time Tarpusunchis is joining in the actions to help the population. We have committed ourselves because of the urgency of the situation of abandonment and poverty, and because of the indifference shown by the government towards the families who have lost everything.
Our aid is being directed to 33 families comprising adults aged 18 to 60 and children aged 2 to16. They mostly live in the centre and south of Peru (Junín and Ayacucho).

Nowadays it is particularly important to restore social cohesion and integration, with psychological support, social aid for children and very vulnerable families, restoring access to schools to help children who risk losing a whole school year.

Lasallians show solidarity towards those in greatest need. Always.

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