Brazil – Regional Meeting of the Young Brothers of RELAL

Brazil – Regional Meeting of the Young Brothers of RELAL

Brother Moisés Matamoros Muñoz, fsc

Greetings to you from those who participated in the Regional Meeting of Young Brothers of RELAL, which took place from April 23rd to the 29th.

We were very happy with our experience in Zé Doca, Maranhão, Brazil, which is a peripheral and frontier area (in the words of Pope Francis) where we Lasallians have a presence of some significance in association with long-standing colleagues.

It was a revitalising experience, which was shared by Brothers from the eight Districts of RELAL. The cultural richness of the way we lived and shared the charism of the mission helped us to renew and strengthen our commitment as Brothers of the same Institute as the 45th General Chapter asks us to do.

Brother Superior General shared his ideas with us and wished us well, reminding us that “Old men dream dreams… and young men see visions… in a service of human and Christian education of renewed vigour”.

We Young Brothers of Latin America and the Caribbean are convinced that we travel as pilgrims not only in the full hope of the ultimate triumph of the Messiah but also in the firm belief that the cross and resurrection are the signs of our victory in the face of a world that is suffering, divided, torn apart in many ways in a climate of inequality, poverty and indifference.

We ask ourselves what the frontiers are that we have been reluctant to cross. What personal and community goals are we seeking to attain? What deserts need our human presence to bring them to life again?

Our thanks go to the Marist Brother Francisco das Chagas, who inspired us to reflect on how to be new wine in new wineskins and reminded us that if a wine is never opened it turns to vinegar.

Thanks also to Brother Paulo Dullius who led us to discover the spiritual dimension of our living together so as to make it a true experience of fraternity.

Thanks to the Regional Leadership Community: Brothers Paulo, Sergio and Carlos for helping us to remember that the gospel constantly invites us to take the risk of meeting others face to face, especially the poor.

Thanks to the District of Brazil-Chile. Through its physical presence in Zé Doca and through Presidente Médici in particular, it conveyed joy to us in every community that we visited. They gave us a lesson in hearts that are single, generous, humble and joyful.

Jesus is present in places on the periphery, at the frontier and in the desert, let us go out to meet Him in the faces of our neighbours.


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