Digital Journal of Lasallian Research No. 14

Digital Journal of Lasallian Research No. 14

May 2017


The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools is committed to working in schools “from morning to night”. Almost from its beginnings, it began to spread beyond the frontiers of France. By the middle of the 19th century, it was already established in forty-four countries in all five continents. In spite of this expansion, its rules of operation remained very tight and particularly homogeneous. In this way, the Brothers were responding faithfully to the educational, pastoral and religious insights of their holy Founder and the first Brothers.

Naturally, the complexity of school systems in the 20th century, experienced in more than seventy six countries throughout the world, has obliged the Institute and all those sharing in the Lasallian educational mission to find new ways of being faithful to the origins. This process was given a strong impetus by the 39th General Chapter of 1966-1967, which invited us to show creative fidelity.

Fifty years on from that invitation, this issue Nº 14 of the Digital Journal of Lasallian Research brings together a series of articles which show the diversity among Lasallians involved in new challenges and situations that the first Brothers never dreamed of. As you read them, you will see the need for dialogue in education and openness to the present context, the importance of the educational relationship, the search for quality in schools, relationships between the generations, new ways of understanding spirituality and the impact all this can have on building new civil society through education. This issue concludes with a study of the Lasallian school textbooks in Colombia. Consequently, it presents a symphony of many voices which give expression to a shared educational mission.

Br. Diego A. Muñoz León
Coordinating Secretary of the Service of Lasallian Research and Resources
Responsible of the Lasallian Research
Editor of  Digital Journal of Lasallian Research
Museo La Salle

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