Lasallian History – The De La Salle Brothers in Cuba

Lasallian History – The De La Salle Brothers in Cuba

On May 25th 1961, the De La Salle Brothers left Cuba after fifty six years of devotion to education on the island, where they had established the Social University of San Juan Bautista and twelve schools in various locations: Santiago de Cuba, Guantánamo, Manzanillo, Sancti Spíritus, Miramar, Marianao, Palatino, La Habana, Santa María del Rosario and Vedado.

Four of these schools were entirely gratuitous and in the others one third of the pupils were on bursaries. It is also worth noting that poor and rich students sat side by side in the classes without anybody knowing who paid and who did not.

Eighty percent of the 110 Brothers who were forced to leave were Cubans, and at the time the posts of greatest responsibility were occupied by religious born on the island.

Eventually, after fifteen years of approaches and meetings, the Brothers returned to Cuba in 1989. In the September of that year, the government gave permission for three Brothers to enter the country. Currently the seven Brothers who live there are involved in various apostolic activities in union with the local Church.

There are three Communities of Brothers on the island, two in Havana and one in Santiago de Cuba. These establishments are part of the District of Antilles – Mexico South.

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