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We are getting nearer to the 7th of April, 2019, and we have less than two years to prepare ourselves to commemorate the death of our Holy Founder, when he was called to the house of the Father. In our logo for the tercentenary, we proclaim that Saint John Baptist De La Salle is for us  “Our heart, our commitment, our life”.

Our ‘heart’ refers to the core of ourselves, the basis of our faith through which God the Father has called us as Lasallians. Our ‘commitment’ reminds us of the raison d’être for our existence, namely our ‘being there’ for others, acting as witnesses of Jesus Christ and his Good News in the context of our schools. Our ‘life’ expresses itself in works inspired by the Holy Spirit, who is inviting us to construct a more fraternal  humanity.

The Service for Lasallian Research and Resources has organised a temporary exhibition on Basic Lasallian Iconography. To that end, a new survey was undertaken of the basic bibliography available as well as of the material in the Institute Archives. We also looked at the objects conserved in the Generalate which are registered with the Italian Ministero per i Beni Culturali e Ambientali.

The exhibition is located in the basement display area of the Service for Lasallian Research and Resources. It comprises 24 panels which invite you to contemplate the different artistic representations of the figure of Saint John Baptist De La Salle as Founder, Venerabile, Beatus and Saint. It begins with the first pictorial representations by Du Phly and Léger in Rouen, and it concludes with the Italian Lasallian iconography produced in connection with the canonisation of the Founder in 1900.

We hope that this exhibition will fulfill the desire expressed by Brother Philippe, Superior General, in his Circular 269: “May his image be always present not only before our eyes but also and above all in our hearts”.

All the material in the exhibition will be made available in digital form for those who may wish to share it and reproduce it in their schools and other educational centres. To obtain copies of the texts and the pictures, please contact .


– Lasallian iconography historical notes 2017

– Mostra “Iconografia lasalliana fondamentale” – Photos

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