France – Pop Street Art comes to the Collège La Salle de l’Aigle in Grenoble

France – Pop Street Art comes to the Collège La Salle de l’Aigle in Grenoble

If, as André Malraux said, art is the shortest way between one human being and another, then in April the students in quatrième [16 yrs] in Collège de La Salle de l’Aigle had the opportunity to learn about of Street Art and to produce their own life-size work of art in the manner of the stencil artist M4U!.

To develop the educational dimension of art, the College has set up a partnership with the Space Junk Arts Centers, led by Madame Anzalone. As part of the new curriculum in secondary education, a multi-disciplinary approach has been designed to encourage students to reflect on the plasticity and rhetoric of a piece of Street Art. So as part of their course in Moral and Civic Education, the students first attended lectures on the different forms that exist in urban art, looking at their history but also at their polemical, ethical and juridical dimensions as acts performed in public spaces, and reflecting on ideas about vandalism and freedom of expression, all of which led to discussions and self-questioning as citizens.

This educational experience was crowned by the production of a coloured fresco picture of the Founder, Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. Two workshops of the Plastic Arts department were needed to allow the students to cut out the eight stencils for the successive layers and colours. The picture was then produced on the metal security curtain at the entrance to the college. Some volunteer quatrième students then painted in the face of the Founder in three stages according to the phases of the project.

Thanks are due to the College Direction, to the Space Junk Arts Centers and to the artist M4U! (naturally) but also to the parents and students who voluntarily contributed in an active way to this collective painting. It will be visible only when the college is closed. So, when the metal curtain is down, come and contemplate it in your crowds.


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