France – TheNetwork Welcomes its New Heads of Establishments

France  – TheNetwork Welcomes its New Heads of Establishments

The De La Salle network of education in France will be increased when the new school year begins in September 2017. The number of Lasallian educational establishments will then have reached 140. On July the 12th last, the director of the educational operations group, Jean Chapuis, gathered the new heads of establishments together for the day to give them information about the network and also to mark officially the start of their mandates by the conferring of letters of commissioning by Brother Jean-Paul Aleth (Visitor of France).

Twenty-nine new heads were appointed in this way. They included those moving to new posts within the network (changes) and those taking over the headship of new establishments. Brother Jean-René Gentric (Visitor Adjoint) introduced the important event by calling people’s attention to the human dimension of their fraternal promise which enables them as men and women to live the Lasallian charism to the full and to work for our 140,000 young people and with their families who place all their trust in our system of education.

The unfailing support of the eight delegates for the tutelle means that all the establishments will have a quality accompaniment in their internal management, whether as schools, colleges, lycées or higher education, and also in their external relations with authorities such as the diocese or government officials. At institutional level, each educational establishment is linked to a local cluster centre (Pole), which offers effective resource services of fraternities, education, leadership/training, finance and communication for the heads of establishments and also for the 13,000 members of teaching staff who make up the network.

The Brothers are more than ever at the heart of our schools. They provide solid guidance through their experience and charism, and they give support and advice to ensure that these educational works will continue to respond to the needs of our society as they have done for three centuries.

Lionel Fauthoux
La Salle France

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