Guatemala – A Social Project in the Casa María Home for the Elderly

Guatemala – A Social Project in the Casa María Home for the Elderly

On July the 7th, the members of the District Leadership Group paid a social visit to the Casa María Home for the Elderly, in line with the motto “One Call, Many voices”.

The activity was based on the third ‘Circle of Influence’ in the District Plan of Campaign, which challenged us to move out of our comfort zones, our familiar surroundings and our personal or group activities, to stop focusing only on ourselves and to go beyond our own points of concern towards the frontiers and outside the camp.

The Casa María Home is located in the village of San Felipe de Jesús in the township of Antigua Guatemala in the Department of Sacatepéquez. It currently houses 75 elderly residents, and it is maintained financially through donations and by volunteers who contribute food items on a regular basis.

In a gesture of solidarity, the District Leadership Group shared some fraternal time of empathy with the residents who were overjoyed and very grateful. Gifts were made, in the form of food items, medicines and material for cleaning and personal hygiene.

The experience gave us the opportunity to become more aware of the day to day lives of the elderly in our society who are marginalised and excluded.

When we are blessed, we can become grace for others. We can only give what we have received. God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others in turn. He gives to us so that we may give, and he teaches us so that we may teach. Let us go and give to others as a grace what we have received as a grace. The joy of serving, giving and presenting is the result of our receiving God’s joy, peace and blessing. (Mt. 10:7-8)

Our thanks go to the Brothers and Collaborators of the District Animation Group for the love, generosity and solidarity which they showed through this experience.

Live Jesus in our hearts!

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