Kenya – First Profession of Religious Vows 2017

Kenya – First Profession of Religious Vows 2017

Five second year novices from Lwanga District of Africa made their first religious profession of vows as Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Brothers) on the 8th of July, 2017 at De La Salle International Novitiate in Nairobi, Kenya.

The five newly professed brothers are: Aron Ontita, Moses Muriuki and Samuel Roba of Kenyan Sector and Emmanuel Aondohemba and Jude Mba of Nigerian Sector. For the past eighteen months, the five have been involved in a number of activities in preparation for their first profession.

The vows were received by Brother Ghebreyesus Habte Fadega, the Visitor of Lwanga District of Africa and was witnessed by many brothers from different communities within Kenya, together with their lay partners who graced the occasion to witness the five commit themselves to the Lord and to the service of the young.

The canonical year was spent at the novitiate and once it was completed, the five were sent to different communities in Kenya for their community experience in order to get a taste of what community life of the brothers is like. Brother Aron was in Mwangaza community, Brothers Moses and Jude were in Marsabit community and Brothers Samuel and Emmanuel were in Rongai community.

They all appreciated the experience of getting to understand the community life of the brothers as well as their apostolic call to the young especially the poor. Brother Aron described the experience as a wonderful opportunity to explore, enjoy and learn how brothers work and live in a community. “Community is home, a place where one feels loved, accepted and appreciated”, he added.

Brother visitor encouraged the newly professed brothers during his speech, to commit themselves totally to the service of the young people and the students that God has entrusted under their care. “Dear brother, you must be willing and ready to say yes to Jesus every single day of your life and be ready to go wherever he will send you and be zealous in that ministry.” Brother Visitor stated.

On the other hand, Father Augustine, a diocesan priest from Marsabit diocese who presided over the Eucharistic celebration, encouraged the newly professed brothers to embrace the vows, be committed to them and most importantly, be contented with what the Lord will offer them in the mission ahead. “My friends, (Referring to the newly professed brothers), Brothers vocation is a special call from God, be contented with it and be happy that you have been called.” Father Augustine commented.

Brother Michael Otieno
Kenya District


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