Spain – Celebration of the Second Symposium on Educating for Interiority

Spain – Celebration of the Second Symposium on Educating for Interiority

The symposium was organised by the La Salle Centro Universitario in Aravaca, Madrid, during the weekend of July 1-2. More than 140 people from all over the country took part in discussions to deepen their understanding of the value of interiority in the world of education.

Under the guidance of Elena Andrés and Carlos Esteban, the participants learned about the importance of a culture of interiority in a school for educational, pastoral, relational, psychological and neurological reasons.

Various presentations by subject specialists opened up interesting perspectives for investigation with pupils in schools in view of a healthy and holistic personal growth.

They looked at areas such as interior equilibrium and neuro-physical development, interpersonal relations and the methods of teaching and learning for the acquisition of knowledge. These areas are important when pupils are working on their interior lives.

The symposium also had the benefit of input from the Metamorfosis Group from Palencia, which helped with contributions in the domain of plastic arts.

There were presentations on ‘best practice’ in teaching by different establishments. This included the Hara Programme. As you all know, the De La Salle Hara Programme aims to develop the corporal, emotional and transcendental aspects in pupils so as to promote holistic growth in an individual.

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