Start of the Course for Religious Formators

Start of the Course for Religious Formators

This is an initiative of the District of Brazil-Chile and the La Salle University of Canoas- RS

The Course for Formators entitled ‘Human Formation and Personal Development’ began on June the 17th and will continue until July the 25th.

This initiative is being mounted by the District of Brazil-Chile and the La Salle University of Canoas. It is taking place in the Casa La Salle Centre for Holistic Formation in Criúva, Caxias do Sul-RS.

The inauguration was attended by Brother Edgar Genuino Nicodem, Visitor of Brazil-Chile and Vice-President of the national CRB.

The participants included religious from Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay and Bolivia from the following congregations: Brothers of the Christian Schools, Sisters of Notre Dame, Sisters of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception of Castres, the Missionaries of San Carlos (Escalabrinianos), the Association of the Sisters of Christian Instruction, the Daughters of Charity, the Sisters of Our Lady, the Sisters of Christian Teaching, the Escalabrinian Sisters of San Juan Bautista de Neembucú.

The course is divided into four stages, and it comprises 340 contact hours. It involves full-time attendance in the summer and winter vacations, and it is classed as a university extension course.

The following subjects are offered in the module.

  • Philosophical Anthropology
  • Biblical Anthropology
  • Christology
  • The Psychology of Development

The principal aim of the Course for Formators is to provide religious and priests with a theoretical and practical qualification which will equip them to understand, lead and direct processes for formators in Religious Consecrated Life.

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