Colombia – The De La Salle Casa de Encuentros [Meeting Centre] opens Phase Two

Colombia – The De La Salle Casa de Encuentros [Meeting Centre] opens Phase Two

Working to promote institutional development is one of the roles being constantly fulfilled by the Brothers of the Christian Schools, and they do this on the basis of the legacy they inherit from Jean-Baptiste De La Salle, which lays great emphasis on the need to create appropriate spaces for the different aspects of the work of the mission.

On Saturday the 26th of August, the Leadership team of the District of Norandino inaugurated the second phase of the De La Salle Casa de Encuentros, which is located in Rionegro, Antioquia, and is designed to provide for all kinds of group activities and events.

The ceremony of inauguration was presided over by Brother Humberto Murillo López, Visitor of the District of Norandino. He underlined the importance of seeing this new phase as providing a space in which people can develop relationships of kindness and affection so as to build community among the children of God, brothers and sisters, and to strengthen fraternity among them.

During the ceremony, Mgr. Jaime Escobar blessed the new premises and Ingeniero Luis Germán Londoño read an account of the history of the construction, while Brother Ramón Gómez Zapata, the District Bursar, thanked all those who had been part of the project. To conclude the occasion, people were invited to enjoy a concert and a cocktail.

The Casa de Encuentros began operating in 1999, and to date it has provided for around 1,600 events for national and international clients. This second phase includes forty-three double rooms, spaces for social gathering, an outdoor forum area and auditorium for 500 people, plus new green areas and a sports hall.

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