Greece – Induction day for new teachers in the schools of the Lasallian Network

Greece – Induction day for new teachers in the schools of the Lasallian Network

Thessalonica, Saturday 2nd of September, 2017. A one day training session was organised by the Council for Lasallian Animation and Formation in Greece (C.A.F.L), and it took place in the Collège De La Salle, Thessalonica. It was meant for all the new teachers, at every level, who have been recruited over the past three years in the Lasallian establishments of Piraeus, Alimos, Syros and of course Thessalonica. On this occasion, we were delighted to welcome two teachers from the two Ursuline schools on the outskirts of Athens which, starting this year, are working in close collaboration with the Lasallian network of Greece.

The training session was based on three presentations. M. Antoine Rigoutsos, head of the Saint-Paul primary school spoke about the life and work of Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. Mme Stavroula Kanellopoulou, president of the C.O.ME.L of Greece spoke about Administration and the establishments of the Lasallian Network. M. Marc Varthalitis, coordinator of the C.A.F.L of Greece, spoke about the Lasallian Educational Project. Their interventions helped the 40 participants to get to know the life of the Founder of the Institute, to realise the extent of the global network and their own place within it, and to find out more about the Lasallian educational tradition. Following on the presentations, the participants divided into five groups of eight to work on the questions (two questions per group). This enabled them to share their personal experiences of living in a school community and to appreciate the importance of their own role in promoting the Lasallian educational project. The participants all considered the work in the groups to have been the most interesting part of the training day.

Above all, this was an opportunity for them to meet one another and to experience the meaning of “together and by association” in our mission as Lasallian educators through spontaneous discussions in which each individual was given due respect. In the evening, the participants met around a large table in one of the tavernas of Thessalonica. They continued to exchange glances of recognition between old acquaintances, and they showed their great satisfaction at the end of a day that had been very tiring but extremely fruitful, because it showed that the mission that we share with one another is a source of joy and hope.

Dimitris Platanas
Member of the C.A.F.L

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