Mexico – Lasallian Volunteers

Mexico – Lasallian Volunteers

After an intensive week of preparatory work in the Internate Infantil in Guadalupe, the group of long-term volunteers of the District of Antillas-México began their work. Eleven young people in various centres will help in the work of pastoral ministry, giving classes and organising specific projects.

The Lasallian Volunteer Programme represents a wonderful opportunity for personal growth for the young people involved and also for the staffs in the educational communities which receive them. They all meet new challenges since they must develop new tools and strategies to enable them to meet the experience through thoughtful growth in attitudes.

The Secretariat for the Educational Mission will continue its work of developing a programme to accompany the projects and specific needs of the District’s establishments and its commitment to find volunteers who show a desire to provide a service and who possess the necessary skills to accomplish what is expected of them.

So we congratulate the spirit of these young people who are keen to carry on working and looking for successful experiences. It is well known that the Lasallian community is comprised of individuals who are interested in activities in which they can give living expression to their Faith, Fraternity and Service. And there is no doubt that their work alongside the staffs and coordinators in the schools which look for their service will ensure that the Lasallian Volunteer Programme can continue to grow in strength.

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Mtro. Rodrigo Rojas Pinacho
In charge of thee District Lasallian Volunteer Programme

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