Panama – Accreditation for the Colegio De La Salle

Panama – Accreditation for the Colegio De La Salle

As a Lasallian educational community, we have experienced three years of strong institutional growth. We have undertaken self-evaluation to identify our strengths and our areas for improvement.  It has been a process of dynamic participation in which we observed and listened to one another. We also made time for sessions of formation with feedback from outside in an endeavour to find the best responses to the needs of our educational mission.

Having completed this process of self-evaluation, we are able to state clearly who we are as an institution and where we want to go so as to be faithful to our mission and to the rich pedagogical vision we have inherited from our Founder, St Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. We have systematised our procedures for academic control in policy documents which will allow an integrated approach to teaching and pastoral ministry. Every member of our educational community has contributed to this reflection.

We are convinced that “education is an act of love”, and this leads us to seek with boldness and creativity the best strategies for ensuring that we provide a quality education that is human and Christian.

So we are now beginning a new chapter in hope, a chapter in which our greatest commitment will be to an action plan of continued improvement so as to strengthen day by day the culture of evaluation which will move us forward and make us attentive to the real needs of children and young people.

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