Spain – La Salle Corrales participates in the XI International Youth Forum ‘Pierre de Coubertin’

Spain – La Salle Corrales participates in the XI International Youth Forum ‘Pierre de Coubertin’

This was the first time that a Spanish school had participated in the event, which this year took place in Estonia and hosted young people from twenty-three countries.

The XI International Youth Forum ‘Pierre de Coubertin’ was held in Ülenurme (Estonia) and Spain was represented by the San Juan Bautista College of Los Corrales de Buelna, Cantabria.

This was the first year in which a Spanish college was selected to participate in the international gathering of students from 24 colleges representing 23 countries from around the world.

One of the main reasons why our college was selected to participate in the forum was the importance it gives to healthy living as the basis of education. The college forms part of the Network of Schools that Promote Health , and every year it carries out various projects in that area, as for example on its Day of Sports, or the PDALEA project, which is an initiative concerned with cycling activities.

The young people representing our college were Diego Garrido Sánchez and Ana Canal Cobo, both of them 16 years old and students in the 4th year of ESO in La Salle. They were accompanied by their experienced guide and teacher, Alberto Álvarez Fernández.

This Youth Forum takes place in a different country every year, and its activities are organised around the figure of Pierre de Coubertin, the precursor of the Modern Olympic Games and a great defender of world, fairness in sports and tolerance. These were the values which inspired the students of all the delegations in their interchange of experiences and cooperation in joint projects.

In this spirit, the young people participated in many sporting activities during the week, especially athletic activities such the 100 metres sprint, longjump, weight throwing, cross-country and swimming.

At the same time, all these sporting activities were interspersed with a great variety of artistic workshops dedicated to music, dance, theatre and painting.

In addition, the forum enjoyed the presence of local dignitaries and representatives of olyimpic organisations who were happy to share the benefit of their experience.

For the closing ceremony, there was a parade through the streets of Tartu city and national dances performed by the young participants, who then returned home having made new friends and having the benefit of a wonderful experience behind them.

Mateo José Fernández Misiego – Colegio San Juan Bautista – La Salle

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