Burkina Faso – Visit by the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources to the Lasallian Centre for Training in Agricultural Skills (CLIMA)  

Burkina Faso – Visit by the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources to the Lasallian Centre for Training in Agricultural Skills (CLIMA)   


Once again, a delegation from the Ministry of Burkina Faso came to the Lasallian Centre for Training in Agricultural Skills (CLIMA). The CLIMA Centre was formally opened on October 29, 2009, by the Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources. Monsieur Abdoulaye Combari, and it is under the patronage of his Excellency Monsignor Lucas Kalfa Sanon, Bishop of Banfora. On September 7th of this year, the Minister for Animal Resources, Monsieur Sommanogo Koutou honoured CLIMA with a visit. The ministry delegation was welcomed at the entrance to the Brothers’ enclosure by the Brother Visitor and by the staff and students. The delegation included the following persons.

  • The Minister for Animal Resources,
  • The Governor of the Region of the Cascades,
  • The Secretary General of the Province of Comoe,
  • The Provincial Director for Stock Farming,
  • The Prefect of Banfora,
  • The Vice-chairman of the Regional Council of the Cascades,
  • The Adjoint of the Mayor of Banfora,
  • The Prefect of the Department of Beregadougou,
  • The Secretary General of the Mairie of Beregadougou,
  • A representative of the Commander of the Gendarmerie Brigade of Beregadougou,
  • The Commissioner of Police of Beregadougou,
  • The Chief of the Village accompanied by three leading men.

The purpose of the Minister’s visit was for him to learn more about CLIMA so as to strengthen the collaboration between his Departement and the Centre.

The visit was a follow-up to a report in the ministerial press after a lightning visit to CLIMA on July 14th this year.

In fact, during his interview by the government press, the Brother Director had invited the Minister to come and find out more about the Centre. The Minister accepted the invitation, and his cortège duly arrived on September the 7th. The visit began at the section for fish-farming (containing African catfish) where Brother Cyrille Kondombo gave a brief explanation of the studies in fish-farming in CLIMA, and the group went on to see the fish tanks and the areas for raising pigs, chickens plus the building used for food production.

The visit lasted an hour and a quarter, and at the end of it the Minister made a statement to the reporters from Radio Television Burkina (RTB). In his address, he expressed his admiration for all that was being achieved in CLIMA, and he promised to come back again. In addition, he announced there world be a strengthening of the collaboration between his ministry and CLIMA, because the centre was responding very well to the aspirations of the ministry. He believes that CLIMA shows great possibilities in areas which are importantant for the promotion of rural development in the locality and consequently in Burkina Faso as a whole. He was profuse in his words of encouragement to those in charge of the Centre and all the staff of CLIMA who are working to promote the entreprise. He concluded by promising to support CLIMA as much as he was able in its various undertakings.

Beregadougou, 7 September 2017
Brother Abel Dembele, Directeur du CLIMA

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