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On the 5th August 2017, a group of Young Lasallians, consisting of present students, alumni and some teachers gathered at St. Joseph’s Institution to take part in the 165th Lasallian Youth Gathering (LYG) 2017.

They gathered to celebrate a special moment in our Lasallian heritage – 165 years of Lasallian presence in Singapore. They were also joined by other Lasallians from Malaysia and the Philippines for this special occasion. Bro Arian played emcee for the day while RJ and Tihn Chern from Malaysia serenaded for us throughout the day.

As with most other LYNK gatherings, it was not merely to gather to celebrate but also included some formation as well as service to make the gathering complete. It was a day to re experience Faith, Service and Community.

The day began with a morning of formation facilitated by Aaron Chan revisiting the call of the mission. The afternoon was spent playing host to some 90 seniors from three different centres. After lunch, Each senior was paired up with a Lasallian as they went around the school to do motor-skills activities together. It was a chance for the seniors to be out of their usual environment. One of the highlights of the programme was an opportunity to have a google hangout with the Young Lasallians who were gathered in Dublin for the VEGA programme. Special thanks to Keane Palatino, Joseph Gilson and Bro Bob for contributing to this.

The gathering was a rare opportunity for LYNKsters from across the years to reconnect. To Yamani, a more senior LYNKster, “It was a great day of rekindling old friendships and forming new ones with my Lasallian juniors. The biggest take away from the gathering is the realisation that I would always be welcomed, no matter how long or how far I have been from the Lasallian family.” Lee Lian, a young teacher from St Stephen’s School felt that “It was a great experience as I felt youthful all over again as I hear the experiences and challenges of the young Lasallians. They have taken the step forward to engage the least, the lost and the last of our society, and I am very proud to have spent my day meaningfully with them.” Another Young Lasallian, Wei Shin, who teaches at St Anthony’s Primary School, shared that “This gathering let me witness how the values of Faith, Service, and Community were not merely spoken as words, but exemplified in actions.”

(Ed-Linddi Ong)
Lead Story (Official Bulletin of the Lasallian East Asia District), No. 257

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