Kenya – A Warm Reception of Brothers in Homa Bay Diocese

Kenya – A Warm Reception of Brothers in Homa Bay Diocese

The delegates from the Brothers of the Christian Schools paid a visit to Homa Bay Diocese on September 26, 2017, where they received a warm reception from the local Ordinary Bishop Philip Anyolo. “Your visit dear Brothers is so important to me and to my Diocese, for I have been looking forward to any missionary congregation that would be willing to come and work in my diocese.” The Bishop commented.

The Brothers’ delegates who visited the Bishop were among them; Brother Agustin Rachel, Formation and development coordinator of Lwanga District of Africa, Brother Antone Oloo, Kenyan Sector coordinator, Brother Oscar Okoth and Brother Stephen Mwaura both of whom are Kenyan council members.

The Bishop reiterated that in his term of office, Brothers of the Christian Schools were the first Pontifical Missionary congregation to visit his diocese.  However, there are some other missionary congregations who had settled in the Diocese in the early years before he was appointed to take charge of the diocese. They are among them; the Camilians, Marist Brothers of the School and the Passionist Fathers.

I have known the Brothers for some time now and I know the amount of zeal at which you carry out your apostolic mission in different dioceses here in Kenya. “I am very happy to have you in Homa Bay diocese and I encourage you to make great impact in your plans to establish a Lasallian Education mission which I hope will be incorporated with Agricultural skills.” Bishop Anyolo said. He then went on to say, “Always feel free to contact me at any time you need my assistance in your mission. I know about your good work in Rongai Boys and Mwangaza College in Nakuru Diocese. I wish that someday you could consider establishing a Mwangaza college type of institution in my diocese.”

On his part, Brother Agustin expressed his joy concerning the warm welcome they received. “For sure the presence of the Brothers will be a gift to the Diocese, and I am encouraged by the Kenyan Brothers for the big step they have taken in expanding our Lasallian charism in another venue (after the recent opening of St. La Salle School Karemeno), a very fertile land in the Christian point of view as well as in its geographical richness.” Expressed the development coordinator.

Brother Agustin went on to congratulate the brothers for their energy, passion and good efforts they are undertaking on the matter. “All this is a sign of your generous commitment to the Mission, a determined vision for the future of the Kenyan Sector and the District at large.”  He commented

Brothers of the Christian schools recently acquired a 15 acre piece of land in Ulanda area in Homa Bay which is located in the former Nyanza Province, along the south shore of Lake Victoria’s Winam Gulf in Western Kenya. Meanwhile, Brother Antone said that the visit to the Bishop ended well and now the brothers are recognize by the Bishop of the land. “Bishop Anyolo is very much willing to work with the Brothers and support us in his diocese as we work on building our Lasallian mission.” Brother Antone commented.

By Bro. Michael Otieno

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