Spain – An International Educational Project

Spain – An International Educational Project

Eight students from the Mary Immaculate University Centre in Antequera, Malaga, (run by the Madre Carmen Sisters and the De la Salle Brothers) participated as volunteers in the 2017 Be The Change Celebrations, on November the 11th and 12th. They were accompanied by two members of staff from the Centre, Brothers Juan Antonio Ojeda FSC and Manuel Jesús Ceballos, FSC, who had taught the relevant course in Methodology of Design For Change as part of the teacher training programme in the University Centre, in which many projects of Design For Change were created.


An Annual International Event of Design For Change

Magic was the binding link and Better Together (Mejor juntos) was the keynote in these 2017 Be The Change Celebrations. Delegates came from 30 countries bringing their various projects, and more than 300 people shared the experience and the projects for change as representatives of their countries. The event was spearheaded by a number of pupils of Year 6 primary school and Year 2 secondary, who volunteered to make the presentations. They alternated their presentations on the stage.

There was also a presentation of the book DESIGN FOR CHANGE, with a prologue by Howard Gardner. It was compiled by Brother Juan Antonio Ojeda and Mónica Cantón, and it includes contributions from nineteen international authors.

Brothers Juan Antonio Ojeda and Manuel Jesús Ceballos have both contributed chapters to the book. It is published by Ed. SM in the collection Biblioteca Innovación Educativa.

These 2017 Be The Change Celebrations showed us who are the real protagonists in Design for Change. They are the children of all ages from five continents and every kind of school who manifested a CAN DO spirit in putting their nineteen projects onto the stage. Inclusion without limits organises activities for people who are differently able, adults and pupils. Reducing suicides in schools sets up a HOPE movement entitled ‘Have Only Positive Thoughts. Action against bullying in schools. Developing L.I.F.E. which is An app to combat obesity. Creating An urban garden to feed poor families, A travelling tent to bring communities together for cultural activities and discussion of social issues. Showing ways to study mathematics by games of research and experiment and by Sending information to NASA. Creating A digital and virtual laboratory. Constructing A Green Roof in the school. Publish a story for Promoting Equality, with original illustrations in which the protagonists are not princesses and dragons but characters with roles normally attributed to persons of the other sex. Raising funds through various activities so as to give transport vouchers and thus Security on the way to school for children of poor families in zones of conflict. Getting big corporations to make Donations on Foundation Days. Creating Openair classrooms, knocking down traditional walls. Assemblies for children in which they can express opinions and make decisions about their local community. Constructing a Mobile Dust-bin and recycling what is collected. Convincing people to Use Mobile Phones Less so as to promote personal relationships. Fixing the drainage of the wash-basins in the school using plastic bottles. Becoming Rescuers of Stray Dogs, sterilising them and finding families to adopt them. All of the schemes use the most up-to-date methodology.

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