The Second Lasallian Education Congress of Latin America

The Second Lasallian Education Congress of Latin America

The Second Lasallian Education Congress of Latin America took place on October 20-22 in Ciudad de León, Guanajuato, Mexico. Around 400 Lasallian educators attended, mostly from the Region of Latin America but with some from other Regions of the Institute such as the USA and Spain.

United under the motto “The education we need for the world we want”, the Lasallian family explored topics such as Vulnerable Groups, Pedagogical Thinking, Education for Sustainability and The Use of Technology in Education.

To help achieve the aims of the Congress, the following five key speeches were presented.

  • “Lasallian Pedagogical Thinking”, presented by Brother Gustavo Ramírez Barba, General Councillor of the Institute.
  • “The education of children and adolescents from the point of view their rights. Experiences of the BICE in the American Continent”, presented by Dr Alessandra Aula, Secretary General of the Bureau International Catholique de l´Enfance (BICE).
  • “Informed Use of Technology in Education”, presented by Brother Miquel Barrabeig Dolls, Secretary for Mission in the Region of Europe and the Mediterrean (RELEM) of the Institute.
  • “The School Community: Living in Fraternity with Others and Citizenship focused on Rights”, presented by Mr. Santiago Amurrio, Secretary for Mission in the Chile Sector of the District of Brazil-Chile.
  • “Educating for Sustainability”, presented by Brother Carlos Gómez Restrepo, Visitor of the District of Bogotá.

There were also three panel discussions which touched on the following topics.

  • Constructing a Lead Community,
  • Disruptive Education in the Lasallian Context,
  • Human Rights in Education.

71 papers were read during the Congress dealing with the following topics.

  • Lasallian Pedagogical Thinking (29 papers)
  • Vulnerable Groups (23 papers)
  • Education for Sustainability (6 papers)
  • Frameworks for Coexistence (5 papers)
  • Informed Use of Technology (8 papers)

This second Lasallian Education Congress of Latin America presented a great opportunity for growing as Lasallians, for confirming the ties of unity and fraternity, for sharing ideas, projects and research taking place in the interests of the Lasallian Educational Mission, and so to construct together by means of education the world we want to have.

Heart-felt congratulations and thanks go to the Universidad de La Salle Bajío for the excellent organisation, to the District of Antillas-Mexico Sur for the hospitality and to the members of the Lasallian family of RELAL who made a point of attending the Congress and created the fraternal atmosphere which we experienced and which renewed our commitment to building the Kingdom of God through education.


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