A New Book by Brother Léon Lauraire

A New Book by Brother Léon Lauraire

Brother Léon Lauraire is well known in the Lasallian world as one of the great experts on the educational history of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Once again and in keeping with his commitment as an historian, he has undertaken to translate into French the two short works written a few years ago by Brother Rodolfo Meoli: “Un Lasalliano tra silenzio e memoria, Frere Gabriel Drolin” [A Lasallian between silence and remembrance, Brother Gabriel Drolin] and “La prima scuola lasalliana a Roma” [The first Lasallian school in Rome].

As George Rigault once wrote, “Drolin’s ‘mission to Rome’ prefigures that of all the Brothers and brings out the essentially universal nature of the work of the Founder”.

Brother Gabriel was a figure of fundamental importance in the early history of the Institute and a valuable co-worker with the Founder. Not many people know him well, and so the first of these books will serve to spread awareness of and appreciation for his remarkable work.

The second book will underline the importance of the first Lasallian schools outside of France. For one century, they existed almost exclusively in Italy, before the Institute began to be spread throughout the world.

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