First World Day for the Poor in La Salle Argentina-Paraguay

First World Day for the Poor in La Salle Argentina-Paraguay

The holding of the first “World Day for the Poor” was for the District of Argentina-Paraguay a new occasion for announcing the Good News of Jesus and consolidating our mission for the educational service of the poor.

As part of the event, the boys and girls of the different educational establishments of our Lasallian network carried out various activities to give life to the day, in keeping with the proposal made by Pope Francis on Sunday November 19th.

As their contribution to the Day, a group of students of the CFP for Electrical Installation and Plumbing of the Fundación Armstrong in La Salle González Catán went to the home of one of the families of the school and put into practice what they had learned from their teachers, Silvio and Jorge, over the past months. They were accompanied by Professor Facundo Rodríguez.

The boys and girls of the Instituto La Salle San Martín prepared a video which gave a survey of all the experiences they had in doing solidarity work as volunteers.

The students of the Colegio La Salle Rosario also undertook many experiences of encounter with excluded persons in the San Héctor, the Misión a Concordia, the San Francisquito, the Hospital Provincial, the La Salle Malvinas and others. These experiences took place throughout the year 2017, and they were not just actions of solidarity, because they brought about real encounters  with poor people.

There was also an exhibition of photography entitled Encuentros, based on the photographs by Emilia Lardizábal and Sofía Franchella whose work displays a sensitive, honest and committed vision in images that are provocative and invite questions. They surprise and move us with their illustration of the many experiences of encounter with needy people undertaken by the students in the course of the year 2017. The exhibition was on display in the entrance hall of the college until December the 8th.

Secondary and Special Secondary pupils of the Colegio La Salle Buenos Aires, together with some young people from the Casa Joven (González Catán), took part in a “Jornada de Abrazos” [encounter day] in order to become acquainted with the different faces of poverty in our society. They also did a local “Night Run” to take food and hygiene kits to people living on the streets.

Pope Francis has said, “May this new World Day be a strong call for our consciences as believers, so that we become more and more convinced that the act of sharing with the poor helps us to understand the Gospel in its profoundest truth.”

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