Spain – International Volunteer Day: an attitude to life

Spain – International Volunteer Day: an attitude to life

December the 5th was the International Volunteer Day, and it is appropriate in that connection to point out that in our Lasallian network there a lots of people who dedicate part of their time to projects of solidarity for the underprivileged.

Our Lasallian educational centres all have specific programmes to educate students in solidarity and promote volunteer activities in solidarity, both internally and outside of the colleges. Our socio-educational works also promote volunteer activities with respect to underprivileged groups in the localities where they are operating. For their part, the Lasallian NGOs for Development promote volunteer action in local delegations as well as international volunteer work in poor countries.

Volunteer work is an attitude of life which needs to be promoted by the associations and foundations that are linked to our Lasallian centres. It is an attitude of vitality that goes well with the Lasallian values we promote.

So we celebrate this ‘International Volunteer Day’, knowing that our Lasallian volunteers, young men and young women, are carrying out actions of solidarity promoting the dignity of individual persons, and that they will continue to do so.

In this video link we congratulate the work carried out day by the Lasallian Volunteers.

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