A District Assembly for the Lasallian Educational Mission 2018

A District Assembly for the Lasallian Educational Mission 2018

The Assembly for the Lasallian Educational Mission of the District of North Mexico took place from the 3rd to the 7th of February 2018.

The 101 participants – 57 lay people, 3 Guadalupana Sisters and 41 Brothers – reflected in an atmosphere of dialogue on the most pressing challenges that the Lasallian family of the District will be called on to face over the next three years.

Preparatory steps

Starting in the academic year 2016-2017, the process began of preparing for the 14th District Chapter, which will take place, God willing, this coming Easter.

To begin with, Brother José Gabriel Alba Villalobos, Visitor, named the Brothers who would form the Preparatory Commission of the Chapter. They were:

  • Brother Enrique Alejandro González Cerna
  • Brother José Carlos Martínez Aguado
  • Brother David Alejandro García de la Peña
  • Brother Lorenzo González Kipper (Secretary)
  • Brother Miguel Ángel Valdez García (Chair)

Brother Visitor invited the following people to join the Preparatory Commission for the organisation of the District Assembly:

  • Juanita García Cantú
  • Monica Vivian Mascareño
  • Juan René Pérez Yanes

The Preparatory Commission planned for a District-wide discussion to generate input documents which would be the basis of the Assembly.

  1. The District classified according to the FODA Analysis.

The first step in the reflection consisted in drawing up a diagnosis of the Educational Mission of each Institution using the FODA Analysis method.

Secondly, a distillation of the diagnoses was produced and agreed at the General Meeting of School Leaders. After that, the Preparatory Commission worked on classifying and organising the results to produce the final input document entitled: FODA District Classification.

  1. Election of Delegates to the Assembly.

Each school or establishment sent in proposals for candidates, and the delegates were then chosen from among them. In addition, and to enrich the Assembly, the Brothers of the District of Antilles Mexico South and the Guadalupana Sisters were invited to send participants.

  1. Formation of Topic Groups.

Once the final list of participants was determined, the input document arising from the first stage was sent to them to read. They were also asked to state their preferences for the topic groups that were listed in the same document.

  1. Additions to the Preparatory Commission with a view to preparing for the Assembly.

The following additonal persons were asked to join the MEL Commission:

  • Florencio Audeves Estrada
  • Blanca Delia Luna Navarro
  • Cecilia Morales Montes de Oca
  • Julio Chapa Martell

District MEL Assembly 2018

The Assembly had the benefit of two input presentations. The first was entitled “Educating to be human” and was given by the chair of the Preparatory Commission, Brother Miguel Ángel Valdez García. The other conference, entitled “The educational context: changes and prospects from a human point of view”, was given by Dr. Juan Calos Silas Casillas of the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente.s

Next, eight thematic groups began working on four topics: Social Responsibility, Education in a global context, Academic Quality and Academic Integrity.

The MEL Commission gave a report of its activities over the three year period and urged the participants to reflect on the projects being run in the District and on ways to improve them.

The difficult work of reflection and dialogue brought to an end the ‘information phase’, and the Assembly then proceeded to attempt to draw up lines of strategy and the propositions that could be affixed to each of them. The final document containing the propositions will be presented to the District Chapter to be analysed, evaluated and taken into account as seen fit.

We continue to ask the Lord to be present in the life of the District of North Mexico, so that we who belong to it may know how to respond to the call which God is continually making to us for the construction of his kingdom.

Preparatory Commission of the 14th District Chapter


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