[Romania] Death of a Brother who lived through the difficult times of suffering

[Romania] Death of a Brother who lived through the difficult times of suffering

The story of the De La Salle Brothers in the world is linked to the histories of the different places in which they have lived out their consecration to God and their service to humanity. It is for that reason that today we are recalling the life of Brother Marcelin (Victor Magui), who died in Romania on January the 22nd at the age of 95.

Together with his Brothers and numerous other religious and priests, he spent years in the prison camps of his country doing forced labour, and when he died he was the last surviving Brother from that sorrowful period.

Under the communist regime, he was twice deprived of his liberty. The first occasion was from 1950 to1952 in the prison of Bicaz, when he was obliged to do forced labour in the construction of the Danube-Black Sea canal. The second occasion was from 1959 to 1964, when he was deported to the inhospitable region of Baragan (southeast Romania) where he was confined to house arrest in the town of Viisoara (Ialomita).

After the general amnesty for political prisoners in 1964, Brother Marcelin was able to return to Bucarest where he found work as an organist and did pastoral work as a catechist in the Romanian-Catholic parish of Popeşti-Leordeni up until 1983 when he asked to retire.

After the fall of communism, he joined the community in Oradea created at the request of the Greek-Catholic bishop of that locality, and he work there in the boarding section up to the year 2000, when the community was closed and the three Brothers who were in it moved to Moldavia and joined the communities in Iasi and Pildesti.

Marcelin’s life was filled with music, catechesis and love for his country. He was united with the Brothers and Lay Lasallians in giving a clear example of the love for God and for humanity even during a nation’s sorrowful times.

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