130 Years of the Collège De La Salle in Thessalonika

130 Years of the Collège De La Salle in Thessalonika

Thessalonka: Saturday, 3 February 2018. In the festival hall of the Collège De La Salle, Thessalonika, the whole Lasallian family celebrated 130 years of the the successful story of the Collège De La Salle. It is registered as a non-profit institution, which belongs to the De La Salle international educational network. It has been operating since 1888, and offers teaching and a true education to pupils ranging from kindergarten to lycée.

The entire history of the Collège De La Salle is called to mind through an impressive photographic exhibition and in a presentation of the story of the Collège through performances and moving presentations, quick show very clearly the long development of the oldest establishment in the town.

A large number of invited guests honoured the event by their presence. They included Brother Robert Schieler, Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Brother Aidan Kilty, General Councillor, Brother Jean-Paul Aleth, Visitor of France, Mgr Jean Spitéris, Catholic Archbishop of Corfu, Father Basile Milios, representing the Metropolitan Neapolis-Stavroupolis, Mgr Varnavas, the Greek Brothers and the leadership teams of the Lasallian schools of Greece, plus many guests from the worlds of politics, education and culture, and the parents and former pupils of the Collège.

The volunteer group and the De La Salle Collège choir and orchestra were outstanding in their impressive contribution to the closing ceremony, which brought warm applause from the audience.

130 years of the Collège De La Salle, 130 of teaching and true education, 130 years of development and innovation, 130 years of service!

On February the 4th, the four Greek Brothers and the members of the Lasallian Education Council for Greece had the opportunity to meet with the Superior General of the Institute, with Brother Aidan, General Councillor, and with the Brother Visitor of France, to refresh mutual understanding and to discuss the Lasallian establishments in Greece.

The presence of Brother Superior, and of Brothers Aidan and Jean-Paul Aleth and the words they spoke were very encouraging for the lay colleagues responsible for the mission and for the heads of the four Lasallian schools of Greece, who are carrying forward, in conjunction with the Brothers, their successful work in our country, ready to respond to the needs and challenges of our time, so that the mission can continue and bear fruit for the benefit of the children and young people who attend the Lasallian schools of Greece.


Sophia Paschaloudi

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