The District of Central America – Panama

The District of Central America – Panama

This year, the Community of the San José House of Formation in Guatemala comprises twelve Brothers: two staff and twelve young Brothers in formation. These Brothers and a few other teachers have begun the year with lots of hope and enthusiasm, determined to deepen the call they have received from Jesus through St Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. The year will be focused on getting to know more deeply what is the essence of consecration, the various nuances of our charism and the way in which we bring the gospel to the world of education, with passion for God and passion for humanity.


In the front row, from right to left: Carlos Sosa (Guatemalan Postulant), Santiago Cholotío (Guatemalan Pre-novice), Brother Alberto Mairena (Provincial of the District making the Visit to the Community), Jeffrey Hernández (Nicaraguan Postulant), César Méndez (Guatemalan Postulant), Víctor Hernández (Guatemalan Pre-novice), Brother Dione, Director of the Community (Guatemalan).

Second row from right to left: Rafael Chox (Guatemalan Postulant), Luis David Montenegro (Bolivian Pre-novice).

Third row: Julio César Villatoro (Guatemalan Postulant), George Flores Trujillo (Peruvian Pre-novice).

Fourth row: Brother Julio César (Nicaraguan), Kevin Cruz (Honduran Postulant).

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