RELAL Conference “Establishing Sustainable Communities”

RELAL Conference “Establishing Sustainable Communities”

In order to reflect on the global theme proposed by the Institute for the year 2017-2018, the RELAL Conference was held on March the 15th in Columbia, with the title of “Establishing Sustainable Communities”.

The RELAL Conferences have the following as their goals: a) to respond to the topics set out in the Institute Circulars 469 and 470; b) to disseminate the ideas of the people of RELAL on themes of interest to the Region; c) to share criteria for discussion and action in RELAL regarding those themes; d) to promote the continuing formation of the Lasallian Family in RELAL.

For this year’s Conference, the Regional Leadership Community invited the Districts of the Region to organise a series of discussions on the meaning of the phrase ‘constructing sustainable communities’. They received reports of eight discussions. These were published under the title “Logrando Communities Sustainables” [establishing sustainable communities], and they were then discussed by Lasallians of the Region. Questions and comments which arose from those discussions were sent to the authors who wrote articles for the Conference, and they proceeded to amplify their ideas via a video-conference on March the 15th.

The Regional Leadership Community expressed their thanks to those who collaborated in the discussions which served as the point of departure for the Conference.

  1. “Beyond our own Borders”. Brother Carlos M. Castañeda Casas, of the RELAL Regional Leadership Community.
  2. “Sustainables communities generate hope”. Brother Anton Marquiegui, of the Norandino District, Venezuela Sector.
  3. “INEL: Promoting animation in sustainable communities and a sense of belonging to the educational mission”. Juan Pablo Cerrano, of the Argentina-Paraguay District.
  4. “Establishing sustainable communities”. Virginia Montes Martínez, of the Bolivia-Perú District, Bolivia Sector.
  5. “Ideas for encouraging dialogue about building a sustainable future”. Monica Aguilera Portillo, of the District of Antillas-México Sur.
  6. “Four theses concerning world food supply”. Gerardo Reyes Guzmán, of the District of Antillas-México Sur.
  7. “Holistic and sustainable human development and Lasallian schools”. Leyder Alonso Castro Beltrán of the District of Bogotá.
  8. “Being locally sustainable for the sake of the planet”. Jaime Alberto Rendon Acevedo of the District of Bogotá.

The Regional Leadership Community hereby expresses its thanks to the people who followed the event in real time.

Following on the contributions received, the authors of the articles will produce their conclusions, which will be printed at the end of the final document “Establishing Sustainable Communities”.

To see the document which was the point of departure for the Conference discussions, and which forms its record, click here 

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