RELAL (Colombia) – Regional Meeting of Secretaries

RELAL (Colombia) – Regional Meeting of Secretaries

In the De La Salle Casa de Encuentros, Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia, the Regional Meeting of the Secretaries of RELAL took place from April the 14th to the 16th. It was attended by the Secretary General of the Institute, Brother Antxon Andueza, and the 12 secretaries (men and women) of the eight Districts of RELAL.

The goals of the meeting included the following.

  1. Mutual acquaintance and the chance to share facts about the circumstances in which District secretaries function in RELAL and the difficulties they face in carrying out their mission.
  2. Getting to know the new Administrative Directory of the Institute.
  3. Learning about and discussing protocols for managing the documents of the Institute, so as to understand the responsibilities placed on District secretaries by those documents. This allowed people to share ideas on the best ways for meeting those responsibilities.
  4. Learning about the Institute’s data base and the role accorded to District secretaries in relation to the data.

The meeting was conducted in a climate of fraternity, dialogue and openness. It strengthened the fraternal links within the Lasallian community for people who spend a lot of time communicating with one another but do so only electronically. It was also the occasion to express thanks for the important work being carried out by the secretaries in the service of the Districts, the Region and the Institute.

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