A Regional CIL on Evangelisation, Pastoral Ministry and Catechesis

A Regional CIL on Evangelisation, Pastoral Ministry and Catechesis

The first Regional CIL on Evangelisation, Pastoral Ministry and Catechesis took place from April 22nd to May 4th in Fusagasugá in Colombia.

The session was designed to help the participants identify the Regional and local challenges for evangelisation presented by their socio-economical, political and religious situations, so that this would lead to the planning of viable and relevant responses in the areas of pastoral ministry and catechesis.

Among the particular aims of the assembly were the reinforcing of responses made by the Districts of the Region to the orientations of the General Chapter, the sharing of plans and programmes of Evangelisation, Pastoral Ministry and Catechesis in the Districts and the provision of new insights into ways of giving creative responses to challenges facing the MEL in announcing the good news of Jesus.

This became possible thanks to the input from expert speakers who analysed the situation and suggested insights regarding the topics, and thanks to the work done by the participants in the workshops.

In all, there were 24 Brothers, 34 Lay Lasallians and 3 Guadalupana Sisters representing the 8 Districts of RELAL and the Institute of the Guadalupana Sisters. The occasion was enriched by the presence of Brothers from the Institute Secretariat for Formation, Jesus Rubio and Paulo Dullius, and of Brothers from the Regional Leadership Team, Paulo Petry, Sergio Leal and Carlos Castañeda.

We can definitely say that it was an experience of community living for the participants who shared their faith and strengthened their Lasallian fraternity as they reflected on how to prepare themselves better to fulfill the Lasallian Educational Mission of building the Kingdom of God through education.

As a follow up, we make available here some of the documents drawn up by participants of the CIL as a way of sharing their experience with their local educational communities and Districts. We also provide the Concluding Document which contains the message that the participants offered to the Regional Community and to the Institute.

To see the documents produced by the CIL participants, click here.

See here for the Concluding Document of the Regional CIL.

We pray to the Lord, the God of life, that this assembly will bear much fruit in all those who took part in it and in the educational communities of the Districts.

Indivisa Manent.



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