CIAMEL met June 4 – 6 at the Generalate

CIAMEL met June 4 – 6 at the Generalate

Over the three days the Council discussed the Declaration of Lasallian Pedagogy, Lasallian Reflection 5: Great Things are Possible, the Guide for Formation, the 2020 International Mission Assembly (AIMEL), and reviewed CIAMEL as a new structure.

To begin, members shared what is happening with each of the constituent groups represented on the Council (Regions, IALU, and ICYL). CIAMEL had the opportunity to meet with the Writing Team on the Declaration of Lasallian Pedagogy. During the discussion with the Writing Team, CIAMEL shared observations and responses to the outline and initial draft of the Declaration on the first day of meetings.

On the last day of meetings, the Writing Team shared an updated version of the draft which incorporated the observations and responses from CIAMEL. CIAMEL also received an update on the Guide for Formation from Brother Jesus Rubio, the Secretary for Formation. Brothers Gustavo Ramirez and Rafa Matas invited CIAMEL to write Lasallian Reflection 5, CIAMEL discussed and agreed to be responsible for Lasallian Reflection 5: “Great Things are Possible.” The majority of CIAMEL’s time was spent discussing details and planning for the 2020 International Mission Assembly (AIMEL).

At the end of the meetings, there was a short time to discuss the challenges and areas for growth of the new CIAMEL structure. This last item will be discussed further at the next meeting (October 23-25). Now that the Council has been in existence for three years, it is an opportunity to review and assess the Council.

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