District of Congo-Kinshasa – Election of the AMEL Committee

District of Congo-Kinshasa – Election of the AMEL Committee

On May the 26th, a meeting was held to elect the committee of the Association des Mamans Educatrices Lasalliennes (AMEL). [Association of Lasallian Mothers in Education]

The meeting took place in the Centre Lasallien de Kinshasa (CLK) and was attended by Brother Firmin, Visitor and president, by Brother Pius, Auxiliary Visitor and moderator, and by Monsieur José, scrutineer.

The election of the AMEL committee was the only item on the agenda.

The results were as follows.


  1. President: Mme. Christine Ngombe Mabika
  2. Vice-president: Mme. Amédée Batusiabwa Ibangu
  3. Secretary: Mme. Pélagie Wata Nkenga
  4. Treasurer: Mme. Chantal Kibawa
  5. Vice-treasurer Mme: Annie Kubabana
  6. Councillors (3): Mesdames Bibiane Kituku, Céline Mobere, et William Kulemene
  7. Public Relations Officers (2): Mesdames Esther Aliso et Clotilde Kapinga

The whole Lasallian family of Congo wishes these elected members every success.

And may Jesus live for ever in their hearts.

Brother Pius Nsukula,
Auxiliary Visitor of the District of Congo-Kinshasa

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