The LSdreams Prize Awards 2018 in La Salle-URL

The LSdreams Prize Awards 2018 in La Salle-URL

The international competition for pre-university students has awarded prizes to projects from Lasallian secondary schools in Spain, Turkey, Italia, Portugal and Palestine.

On Friday the 11th of May, the 8th year of the LSdreams competition concluded with the awarding ceremony held at the La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL. The winning teams all spent three days in Barcelona, where they visited the city and joined in various activities. After that they presented their projects, which all had the theme of Improvements to Local Environments.

The competition is an initiative of the Lasallian Universities, and it is open to students aged between 16 and 20 in the Lasallian establishments of Europe and the Near East. It aims to promote the inclusion of ethical values in the development of research projects which improve the social environment. The winning projects dealt with topics such as the transformation of energy, fire prevention using apps, new construction developments which respect old ones and facilities for blind people which improve pathway indicators.

This year, there were five first prizes, an ASSEDIL prise, an extraordinary LSdreams prise and four highly commended projects.

In the Engineering Category, the first prize went to the LSdreams Group 45 from the Istituti Filippin of Paderno del Grappa (Italy) for the project “Unblind-Me”.

The highly commended award went to the LSdreams Group 59 from the Groupe Scolaire Saint-Nicolas –Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) for their project “Mini Serre Connectée”.

In the Arcuitecture Category, the jury awarded the first prize and the ASSEDIL LSdreams prize to Lsdreams Group 66 from the Collège des Frères de Jerusalem (Palestine) for their project: “Antiquité futuriste”.

There was also a highly commended award for the LSdreams Group 69 from the Lycée Saint Michel de Sisly (Turkey) for their project “Green Buildings”.

In the Management Enterprise Category, the first prize went to LSdreams Group 73 from La Salle Bilbao (Spain) for the project “Felling Cells”.

A highly commended award in that category was given to LSdreams Group 56, from the same school for their project “EcoUhin”.

In the Health Category, the first prize went to LSdreams Group 40 of the École Sant-Michel Fransiz Lisesi of Instambul (Turkey) for their project “Smart Pacemaker”.

In the Life and Earth Sciences Category, the jury awarded a first prize and an extraordinary prize to LSdreams Group 60 from the Colégio La Salle of Barcelos (Portugal) for their project “Stop the Fire”.

In addition, the jury made a highly commended award to the LSdreams Group 82 from St Joseph Fransiz Lisesi (Turkey) for their project “Waterproof”.

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