CIAMEL: Towards the Declaration, Nº 2, May 2018

CIAMEL: Towards the Declaration, Nº 2, May 2018


Those of us who have participated in the production of this publication come from Lasallian schools. We are Brothers and Partners from five continents, invited to reflect on the 7th International Session of Lasallian Studies (SIEL) which took place in Rome in October, 2017. Each of us shared the daily ways of living one’s life and faith in one’s own context. We were challenged by Brothers and Partners who specialize in history, theology, pastoral work, inter-religious dialogue and religious education in the Lasallian School. We have asked ourselves questions from those related to our daily routines to our more fundamental concerns.  Therefore, all the works presented are born from our questions as teachers.

We do not intend to propose the answers on the faith-culture dialogue that should take place in the Lasallian schools of the world; on the contrary, we want to invite each of you, along with your educational and local community, to identify the questions you need to ask from the reality that corresponds with your experience. If we are not able to let ourselves be challenged by reality, the Word of God will not resonate in us. Therefore, we dare to propose this publication as the beginning of a reflection that will move towards the future Declaration of Lasallian Pedagogy in the 21st century.

May the Spirit also speak to us about our actual pastoral reality. The SIEL participants raised questions and reflected on evangelization, pastoral ministry, religious education, processes of accompaniment, the interior life, fraternal dialogue, values and best practices. What invitations and questions do you receive from the world of the school where you develop your educational mission?

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