Putting Science andTechnology at the Service of Sustainable Development in Fragile Regions

Putting Science andTechnology at the Service of Sustainable Development in Fragile Regions

Since 1948, the De La Salle Brothers and their collaborators have been providing a service of quality education to the children and young people of Burkina Faso and Niger, in primary schools to begin with and then in secondary schools and in teacher training. They gained a reputation for their rigorous pedagogy, their personal accompaniment of pupils and for excellent academic results. In this way, they have contributed to the formation of a large proportion of the intellectual, political and financial elite

Today, the Lasallians of Burkina/Niger are aware of the great changes taking place on a global scale (in climate, demography, technology, economy, culture, politics and geopolitics), of the crises which are shaking the world (regarding security, migration, food and energy) and of the epoque-making change that is in operation. So when, in 2013, the Lasallians were invited by the Burkina government to start a programme of Preparatory Classes, they analysed the local situation and started to shape a programme in the Institut Superieur La Salle in Ouagadougou.

The aim is to train competent scientists and engineers, who will be proactive and enterprising in putting science and technology at the service of development and bringing concrete solutions to local problems. The justification for this initiative is based on the strong correlation that exists between a country’s level of skills in mathematics, engineering, technology and sciences and the level of development in that country. The preparatory programme leads to higher courses in mathematics and physics and industrial science, technology and industrial science, biology-chemistry and earth sciences.

The first intake was for the academic year 2017-2018, and there were five students. The teaching and training takes place in the School Complex of La Salle Badenya. For the academic year starting in 2018, fifteen candidates have shown an interest in registration. It should be noted that the value added element of the programme lies in the balance between theory and pratice, the availability of well equipped laboratories and in the orientation towards innovation aimed at finding concrete solutions to local problems. To reach that goal, we now need to increase our efforts to finance the structures and modern scientific equipment.

To find out more and to offer aid, visit our website: www.lasallefoundation.org

To learn more about the Lasallian Preparatory Classes of Ouagadougou: http://www.lasalle-dao.org/index.php/fr/qui-sommes-nous/88-les-cpge-la-salle-recrutent

Hno. Raoul Traorè,
Associate Director – Solidarity and Development


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