“Without Frontiers”, “With the Heart”, “Proximity”: summer activities for accompanying young people.

“Without Frontiers”, “With the Heart”, “Proximity”: summer activities for accompanying young people.

These titles refer to three programmes in which young people were accompanied with care and affection, “not only in summer lessons but also in activities and experiences which touched their hearts”. The programmes were supported by twenty establishments of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in Italy and elsewhere.

“Summer without Frontiers” iss a Lasallian summer camp taking place in CasArcobaleno, Scampia, from the 15th to the 22nd of July. Every week until the 11th of August, Neapolitan and Romany children will be accommodated in the Lasallian community. In Regalbuto, Sicily, from June the 19th to July the 20th, there is a powerful experience of volunteer work for students over 14, former pupils and university students. From the 22nd to the 26th of August, there will be a summer camp for older students on the slopes of Mount Etna where they will be prepared for volunteer work.

Finally, 12 students aged 14 to 17 have gone to New York. They come from the Istituto De Merode and the Villa Flaminia in Rome and also from a Lasallian school in France.

The initiative is led by Andrea Sicignano, a teacher in De Merode, and he explains that they will start with a visit to the Ellis Island museum, “to remind them that we were once the migrants in boats. This will help us to open our hearts to others and to reach out beyond our limits, mental and even physical”.
Faith, fraternity and service are the key words of the experience, and the group will be trained for volunteer work in Bedford House, a mixed community of Brothers and Lay Lasallians from the United States. In the mornings they will work with adults and children in a safe house in the Bronx. The programme also includes a picnic on July the 11th and a visit to the music school of rock. They will also join in the assembly for Young Lasallians in Manhattan College from the 15th to the 20th of July.

“Hearts without Frontiers”. This will be a vocations camp in Paola, Cosenza, from the 5th to the 12th of August. In the words of Brother Enrico Muller, who is responsible for vocations ministry, “It will be time for discernment in a community setting with regard to one’s personal vocation as a Christian and a Lasallian, looking at a variety of Christian responses. Young people and some adults will support one another in their searching”. The daily programme also includes some service for migrants as well as times for thought and prayer.

An Experience of Proximity in Africa for 24 young volunteers. In the words of Enrico Sommadossi, the coordinator for pastoral ministry and volunteer work, “The first group of students, aged 16 to 20, will set out on July the 13th accompanied by one Lasallian teacher aged 26. The second group, aged 20 to 31, will go from July the 24th to August the 4th, and the third group, aged between 20 and 40, will go from August the 4th to the 24th”. They will all have the same destination in the Mwangaza College in Nakuru, Kenya. The third group will also cross the border into Uganda for a short journey on foot with leaders who will take them to the Moroto African Mission. The initiative has been planned and tried out over the past three years. The students from our Lasallian college will share in the life of the orphan children of the Child Discovery Center.


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