Final Declaration MEL Assembly

Final Declaration MEL Assembly

Message to all Brothers and Lay Partners in the Region of RELEM.


Final Declaration

First RELEM MEL Assembly


The 70 Lasallians who have gathered at the Casa Generalizia to celebrate the First RELEM MEL Assembly send you fraternal greetings.

During these days together, we have faced the challenge of how to maintain and strengthen the Lasallian Mission and Vocation in our Region. We realise that we share hopes, difficulties and challenges as well as a vision for the future. We recognise that our evident diversity is a treasure and an opportunity through which we can mutually enrich each other.

It is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the vitality of the Lasallian network so that all the institutions of RELEM live the spirit of John Baptist de La Salle. We recognise the strategic importance of the three themes considered by the Assembly: the need to strengthen the identity of our educational works and of each one of their members, the urgent need to offer formation that helps to acquire and develop that identity, and the need to have appropriate structures in place that facilitate the support and development of the Lasallian Mission.

We have confidence in you, educators, as the protagonists of the Lasallian mission in each of our educational works. We want to support your personal growth so as to create educational communities that understand, assume and commit to the Lasallian identity.

We have confidence in you, young people. You are a constant reminder of our need to be attentive to your situation and to offer you the most appropriate responses to your concerns. We want to offer you the best means for your development as persons in a world in constant evolution. We see the present Youth Synod as an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to you.

We thank you, families, for your confidence in choosing one of our educational centres to collaborate with you in the exciting adventure of educating your sons and daughters.

With you, De La Salle Brothers, we continue to see ourselves as your brothers and sisters in the different ways of responding to the Lasallian Mission. We are inspired with joy by your lives of fidelity to the dream of John Baptist de La Salle: involved in the creation of the Reign of God, in community, through the education of children and young people.

We invite all Lasallians, through reflection but especially through action, to be particularly sensitive to the poorest and most vulnerable in Europe and the Mediterranean today. As heirs to the vision and work of De La Salle, we must continue to offer a human and spiritual education that provides dignity and salvation to those most in need, such as the migrants who knock at the doors of our societies.

Like John Baptist de La Salle, the first Brothers and all Lasallians who have built on their memory over these 300 years, we are committed to our society and to our history. Like them, we are aware of the positive opportunities that the present historical moment offers and we are committed to building a future for humanity based on our vision of life, of the human person, and of the world.

A Heart that beats in sympathy with the world,

A Commitment with the Church, the young and the vulnerable,

A Life shared in each of our educational and religious communities.

Live Jesus in our hearts!

Rome, 19th October 2018

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