The La Salle Network is awarded the prize of Top Citizenship 2018

The La Salle Network is awarded the prize of Top Citizenship 2018

The Lasallian network received the 2018 award for its entry “The capacity for inclusion: the De La Salle way to ensure inclusion”. The entry was in the category “Organisation” and had a final score of 91,75.

This prize is organised by the Brazilian Association for Human Resources in the Rio Grande do Sul (ABRH/RS). It gives recognition to actions taken to help organisations in the ‘goucho’ community, which promote social change in government enterprises. The award is given to enterprises and non-profit institutions which develop projects of social change that will benefit their surrounding community. A total of 179 examples of social action have already received the award.


About our project “the Capacity for Inclusion”.

The project Capacitar para Incluir was started in 2015, and it provides a course in professional training for disabled people. Each participant has a ‘father’ or ‘mother’ figure who takes care of them and guides them through the various sectors of the Lasallian educational community. The aim is to provide qualifications in adminstration, which will give people the opportunity to enter the world of work and develop them as active citizens.

The Lasallian groups participating in the project are: Porto Alegre/RS – La Salle Dores, La Salle Esmeralda, Mantenedora da Rede La Salle, La Salle Pão dos Pobres, La Salle São João, La Salle Santo Antônio, Região Metropolitana/RS – La Salle Canoas, Centro de Pastoral, La Salle Esteio, La Salle Niterói, La Salle Sapucaia and the Universidade La Salle.

Darwin Nascimento
Communication and Marketing
La Salle Brasil


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